LIVE Workshop: Everything You Need To Know To Prepare Your Teen For Their Period with Dr. Erin TeWinkel ND
Parents with Teens Unite
The Complete Parent's Guide To The Teen Period
Your teen's experience with their period is so much more than a biology lesson. This is an opportunity to support confidence, connection and build a body-positive relationship with our health.

 April 20th at 7pm

What to expect for your teen's first periods.
Dr. TeWinkel ND will review "the nuts and bolts" of what to expect for your teen’s period. What's normal, what's not normal, when to see your period literate practitioner, and setting your teen up for period success!

Anxiety Reduction and the "How To" Guide
Learn how to reduce the anxiety teens often feel waiting for their first period - help them (and you) feel prepared! 
How to support a healthy empowered period.

Teen Period Starter Kit and Resource List
Dr. TeWinkel has some great giveaways for everyone who show's up live! 
Get Dr. TeWinkel’s Teen Period Starter Kit 
and The Powerful Period Meal Plan

Dr. Erin TeWinkel ND
Teen Wellness Warrior
 Founder of The Teen Collective
Hi! I’m Dr. TeWinkel ND ~The Teen Wellness Warrior! 

As a teen, I struggled with my body image and my relationship to my health. Through the ongoing support of my family and my passion for evidence-based medicine, I am dedicated to supporting teens and families to re-write the story that cost me my health.
I’m on a mission to share my passion for nutrition and improve teen wellness and build their foundation so that they own their health for the rest of their life.    

I believe that if teens are supported in their health early on, the stage for success can really be set. I’m here as a mentor to empower the teen throughout the many ups and downs of adolescence. Teens have an immense unharnessed potential – I want to help ensure the potential shines. 

Hormonal struggles, acne, painful periods, anxiety and depression, dieting, and healthy weight management – all of these can be addressed with a tailored plan for each teen. 

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